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Shades of Blue

by The Lawrence Olds Band

"If you want an album that really swings in all the best senses of the word, check out Richmond’s very own Lawrence Olds Band new CD, Shades of Blue. This self-released album features 10 songs that are guaranteed to get you up and moving pretty quickly. This is definitely old school in its approach, with songs like “Summer Wind” set near “Kansas City” and “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.” The five-person ensemble have supplemented their sound with local stalwart Lindy Fralin lending his guitar work on a song he wrote, “Savin’ My Love For You,” and trumpeter Jonathan Greenberg on one song and saxophonist Kevin Simpson on a couple. Lawrence Olds has a rich and resonant voice, Chris Whiteman is on guitar, Charlie Kilpatrick on piano and organ, Carter Blough plays bass, and Todd Woodson is on drums. They may fall more on the side of jazz than blues, but man can they play. Just kick back and enjoy." - John Porter, WCVE Public Radio Critic & co-host of Time for the Blues